See what Stacy’s clients have to say:

“Stacy Every is the massage therapist I have been looking for since my favorite LMT moved 5 years ago. She not only checks in with you regarding the pressure, but I believe her compassion and kinetic sensibility is what makes her so amazing. I can’t wait to reschedule with her! I need the therapeutic massage because for me that is just what it is: therapeutic.

It is my desire to see everyone I know who needs a massage to try Stacy. I believe that while some may need deep tissue (like me) she will cater to the needs of her clients because she cares so much. It is so refreshing to see someone love what they do! I plan to refer Stacy as often as possible.”

– Mary Ann D., South Hadley MA

“A massage with Stacy is a gift for your soul.  Because of her skilled technique, I was able to experience an emotional release for the first time in my life and fundamental shifts were able to occur.  I highly recommend this talented healer.”

– Rebecca S., Northampton MA

“I went to Stacy to help with a nagging low back issue. In two sessions, my back was better and I was able to resume normal activities. Stacy possesses an innate ability to understand what your body needs. She has the knowledge that what you are feeling in one place in your body may actually originate from another. Stacy used a ‘jostling’ motion on my back and I continue to use it each morning to keep my back feeling flexible and healthy. Stacy’s services have greatly contributed to my overall health and wellness.”

– Donna R., Southwick MA

“Working with Stacy has been truly amazing for my spiritual health and well being.  She is a warm, genuine and supportive healer. She continues to be an important catalyst in a time when my life is shifting and fluxing to new levels of awareness around my personal sense of identity and spiritual energy. I’m so blessed to have her healing presence be part of my life’s journey.”

– Laura B., Florence MA