See what Stacy’s clients have to say about her work:

“When we go to the doctor with a symptom, we often expect something underlying to be the cause of the ailment.   So is the same for EFT.  I went to Stacy for relief from a  symptom, and she found the root cause.   Stacy’s intuition and genuine curiosity to explore possibilities for healing are her true gifts.   Stacy’s EFT work is helping me release long standing triggers around trust, guilt, self-worth, and challenging family dynamics.   Stacy is focused and gentle and provides a safe space for healing.”

Marcie C., Easthampton MA

We have been evolving with Stacy for the last 3 months. She is present, an excellent listener, reliable, and generous. You have a guarantee to have a breakthrough in your life if you work with her. We have a better understanding of ourselves and we got the result that we want faster. We strongly recommend her as a coach.

Francis and Johanne, Montreal, QC

“Working with Stacy has been truly amazing for my spiritual health and well being.  She is a warm, genuine and supportive healer. She continues to be an important catalyst in a time when my life is shifting and fluxing to new levels of awareness around my personal sense of identity and spiritual energy. I’m so blessed to have her healing presence be part of my life’s journey.”

Laura B., Easthampton, MA

“Stacy is a fantastic EFT practitioner. She created a safe and comforting space for me to be able to process some parts of my past that had been haunting me. I have noticed a profound improvement in my confidence and determination since working with her. I would highly recommend her!”

Eric A., Bernardston MA

“Stacy helped me to heal a limiting belief that I am not supported by friends and family, a belief I held since childhood. After our sessions together, I had a deep knowing that still resonates today, that I am completely supported by those closest to me. The limiting belief of feeling unsupported no longer holds any power over me. Working with Stacy brought me a deep sense of comfort and support. I highly recommend working with her!”

Kate H., South Hadley, MA

“Because of Stacy’s skilled technique, I was able to experience an emotional release for the first time in my life and fundamental shifts were able to occur.  I highly recommend this talented healer.”

Rebecca S., Northampton MA