EFT practitioner Eric Almeida and I had a podcast together where we interviewed a variety of practitioners from holistic modalities. Some included acupuncture, homeopathy and a variety of energy healing. I invite you to explore this library of healing practices. You can also follow guided tapping sessions to help relieve anxiety, stress and more.

Episode 1: Introductions

Episode 2: What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

Episode 3: Tapping on General Anxiety

Episode 4: Chinese Medicine with Lynn Curry

Episode 5: Tapping on the Need for Perfection

Episode 6: Processing the Death of a Loved One

Episode 7: Tapping on the Fear of Public Speaking

Episode 8: Feldenkrais and the Mind/Body Connection

Episode 9: Tapping on Isolation

Episode 10: Common Fears around Death

Episode 11: Tapping on Expectations

Episode 12: Japanese Acupuncture with Bonnie Diamond

Episode 13: Tapping on Insecurity