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Emotional Release and Tapping Sessions

During your session, Stacy will help you discover the stressors, anxieties and beliefs that diminish your quality of life. EFT and other practices will help process and heal those issues to bring you a greater sense of who you are, what you want. Enjoy your life with presence and confidence.

20-Minute Consultation: FREEĀ 

Learn more about the body-centered practices that bring real and lasting change to how you feel about yourself, help you be more present, and how you experience your life.

45-minute Discovery Session: $75

During the Discovery Session, we will review scope of practice, my policies, and clarify your goals and expectations for your sessions. Prerequisite: Free 20-minute Consultation.

60-minute Zoom or phone session: $100

Connect more fully to who you really are and what you want. Discover what stressors, anxieties and beliefs are holding you back. Gently heal your body and mind to permanently remove painful thoughts and limiting beliefs, bringing peace and energy into your life.

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