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Therapeutic Massage:  Relaxation Plus!Massage Services with Stacy Every, LMT in Westfield and Northampton, MA

You want to relax with a full-body massage, but you also have a stiff neck or a sore lower back. Maybe you have a knee that bothers you or a painful shoulder. This massage session is for you. You’ll receive a full massage, and get relief for your specific issue as well.

30 minutes: $55                         60 minutes: $85                          90 minutes: $120

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Deep Tissue

You may suffer from pain in your low back, neck, hip, or knee and nothing has helped. Massage is often the answer. I’ll focus on your problem area to help provide lasting relief to your chronic pain. Ideal for old injuries or repetitive stress causing chronic pain to a specific area.

30 minutes: $55                         60 minutes: $85                           90 minutes: $120


Hot Stone Massage

Did you know that warm, moist heat can effectively treat pain due to an injury? Try a therapeutic massage or a deep tissue session with the addition of hot CoreStones. The stones effectively soothe chronically tight areas, bringing back mobility to old injuries or surgical sites.

60 minutes: $95                           90 minutes: $130



Reiki is a gentle energy therapy treatment developed in Japan. It works from the principle of Universal Energy, which flows through everything. Our bodies contain this universal energy, but sometimes the energy doesn’t flow as it should, be it through injury or stress. At other times we need more energy to heal from an injury. Reiki is also excellent for people with chronic conditions who cannot tolerate massage.

60 minutes: $70


Reiki and Massage Combination Session

This session integrates Therapeutic Massage and Reiki into one deeply healing experience. Reiki increases the effects of the massage as well as providing even deeper relaxation.

60 minutes: $85                                        90 minutes: $120


Home Hospice and Cancer Massage

Massage therapy provides relief from anxiety, fatigue, and pain, and can support your loved one during end-of-life care. I am also trained in providing massage to clients with cancer. I travel to homes and facilities in Hampden and Hampshire counties. Please call to schedule an appointment.

60 minutes: $100                                        90 minutes: $135 

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