Policies and Procedures

Providing my clients with a professional and therapeutic massage is my goal. My policies and procedures serve as a guide for first-time and regular massage clients. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Policies for Stacy Every, massage therapistArrival to your Massage

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment. This will give you time to fill out client forms and to discuss your treatment goals. For all other appointments, please be on time. If you do arrive late, I may have to shorten your treatment because of the appointments following yours. In addition, I will charge the original treatment fee.

What to Expect

Cancellation Policy

Please notify me at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule or cancel a treatment. If a client fails to do this three times, I ask that you pre-pay 50% of any future services.

Health Form

Please list all health information so that I can be sure your session is safe for you. Also, please let me know if your medical condition changes or if you are under any medical treatment. Furthermore, if you are under a doctor’s care, please provide me with written permission from your doctor that massage therapy is right for you. Finally, if you have signs or symptoms of illness (fever, rash, contagious infection), we will reschedule your session. This is to protect everyone’s health.

Download Health Intake Form (pdf)

Informed Consent

We will discuss the treatment plan together at the beginning of each session. During your first visit, I ask you to sign a consent form stating that you have read the information, understand it, and agree to follow the policies and procedures.


I keep records and sessions confidential and I will not share them with anyone without your written consent.

Scope of Practice

  • I am a licensed professional and held to the highest standards of the American Massage Therapy Association.
  • As a Massage Therapist, I apply manual techniques and Reiki upon request to help positively affect the health and well-being of the client.
  • Massage is as a therapeutic tool to improve well-being and it is not a substitute for medical treatment. Massage therapists are not qualified to diagnose conditions. I will not prescribe treatment or perform spinal/skeletal manipulations. I will refer you for diagnosis so that you may follow the recommendations of your physician.

Respect for Client’s Needs and Boundaries

  • Always be aware that this session is yours and that you are in control. In order to tailor your session, I am happy to adjust the pressure, temperature, or music volume. Furthermore, I work for a longer or shorter time on an area if you request it.
  • Please leave on as much clothing as you need for comfort. Also, please feel free to refuse any massage methods or stop the massage at any time.
  • You will always be modestly draped. I only undrape the area I massage and I always inform you of the areas to be massaged.

Professional Boundaries

  • Massage sessions are strictly non-sexual. Therefore, any suggestive statements or actions result in the immediate termination of the session. The client pays the full cost of the session. Also, law enforcement will be notified if necessary.
  • Massage treatments for anyone under the age of 18 must be performed with a parent or guardian present.