Upcoming Class: Relaxed and Resilient

Relaxed and Resilient

Learn Practices for Growth and Healing

Online Class

Six Thursdays from May 5 through June 9, 2022

6:00 pm – 7:15 pm EDT


HALF PRICE seats available if you participate in a weekly feedback forum

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Do you struggle to accept and trust yourself?

Are you often anxious and worried, feeling adrift and alone?

Maybe you feel like the chaos all around you is inside of you as well. It feels impossible to calm your racing mind or find a moment’s peace.

Do limiting beliefs have you feeling trapped and unworthy? Do you hear yourself think or say things like:

I am not good enough

I can’t trust my own judgement

I don’t get to have what I want

I am powerless

I can’t trust anyone or myself

These beliefs are old stories and are NOT who you are.

Join this online class and learn to tune in to your authentic self.

In each class you will:

  • Use Emotional Freedom Technique, visualization, breathing and meditation to enhance body and emotional awareness
  • Identify and permanently release limiting beliefs, then bring in positive beliefs that create real change
  • Become less reactive in stressful situations
  • Feel more connected and present in your life
  • More fully love and respect yourself
  • Gain a greater sense of serenity, stability and appreciation for who you really are

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Participants who agree to answer a few questions each week about their experiences can take the class for $149, half off the $299 price.

Use coupon code FEEDBACK

Join us for a life-affirming experience that brings real change to your life!

For more information, email stacy.every@gmail.com, or

call (413) 977-4198