Fight the Flu with Massage

preventing flu with massageTime to Support Your Immune System

It’s that time of year when all the drug stores offer flu shots. Many people find them useful, but frankly, I’d rather have regular massage.

Massage! How can that help? Well, let me count the ways.

Massage Increases Your White Blood Cells

Research has proven that after you’ve had a massage, you have more white blood cells in your body. Those are the cells that fight infection.  That means your body has more ammunition against the flu and viruses attacking your body from all the sneezing and coughing going on. The more white blood cells you have, the less likely you are to get sick.

Less Stress Can Mean Less Sickness

Anxiety and exhaustion can lead to sickness. Stress keeps down your immune system, taking it offline so the bad bugs can take hold. Instead of spending energy boosting our white blood cells, our body uses energy feeling anxious and being on a constant high alert.

Massage can take away our stress. Once a massage reduces our anxiety our body spends more time and energy making white blood cells. It also invests more energy on making happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine. With more of those hormones in our system, we are less stressed, less anxious, and generally feel well after a massage.

One Warning!

DO NOT GET A MASSAGE IF YOU HAVE ALREADY STARTED TO GET SICK! A circulatory massage can help a cold take hold and make you sicker. Massage is fantastic preventative care, and once you’re over the cold a massage enables you to recover more quickly. But when you’re sick, stay home, drink your chicken soup and get better.