Benefits of EFT and Body-Centered Practices

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What are Body-Centered Practices?

Our mental and emotional states are created and experienced in our entire body, not just our brain.

When we are stressed and triggered into anxiety, fear, anger or another distressing emotion, we are reacting subconsciously. Our thinking brains go offline and we react in the moment.

Emotional Freedom Technique and other body-centered practices heal this triggered reaction. The body and mind heal, and so we are more centered, grounded and present. We respond rather than react.

Might This Be You?

You feel constantly distracted by the pressures of life, unable to enjoy the moment.

You wish you could respond in the moment to a difficult co-worker, an angry spouse, or a tantruming child.

You want to feel more present and engaged in your activities and relationships.

Something inside holds you back from pursuing your dreams and goals.

You feel trapped in habits that you long to change.

EFT: A Revolutionary Tool

EFT taps on acupressure points to permanently remove fears, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs from your mind and body. It is a gentle technique that works on the subconscious level.

Find it easier to manage challenging situations and people.

Gain a greater sense of health and well-being.

Feel freer, happier, and more confident.

Manage your challenges with energy, clarity, and peace of mind.

Difficult life events can bring us strong negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, or anger, even when we don’t remember the original event. New experiences that remind us of the old experiences may trigger us. We feel those same difficult emotions all over again. The body goes into fight, flight or freeze. Instead of responding authentically in the moment, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by emotion instead.

EFT can help with…

  • Difficulty speaking up for yourself
  • Fear of trying new things
  • Getting caught in unhealthy relationships
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Phobias
  • and much more

When we tap the acupuncture points while thinking about those negative experience, our remarkable bodies begin to heal the original painful experience. The memory no longer triggers a cascade of negative emotions. We are able to respond thoughtfully and with intention rather than reacting.

What to Expect

During your first session, Stacy will collaborate with you to learn what you want from your sessions and how to best help you achieve your intention.

Stacy uses a host of techniques including EFT tapping, visualizations, breathing practices and more to help heal your nervous system. She suggests practices in between sessions to help your body develop new habits.

We have all developed habits where we react with fear, anxiety or anger to certain people and situations. Stacy and you will develop practices to help you develop new habits that encourage the body and mind to be in peace, calm and presence.

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation to see if Stacy’s work is right for you.

Check Out the Science Behind EFT

Click on these links to read some  of the studies that show the effectiveness of EFT:

A collection of studies documented in Review in General Psychology:  Acupoint_Stimulation_Research_Review

An article from the The National Center for Biotechnology Information

A collection of studies from the professional organization EFT International


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