Massage, Deep Tissue and Reiki

Candle, stones, bambooStacy Every, LMT, provides therapeutic massage, deep tissue, and Reiki. She also works with cancer patients and cancer survivors. She uses only organic products in her practice. Find out more about how a session can help relieve pain, heal injuries, and help you feel well and healthy.

Massage is a nourishing experience, and its benefits go beyond the hour you spend on the table. It immediately calms the body and mind, reducing stress and anxiety. Your blood pressure lowers while your immune system gets a boost. It also improves your circulation. Just one session can help reduce or completely get rid of tension headaches, relieve lower back pain and relax tight muscles.

Athletes use massage to improve exercise performance, speed recovery, and help injured muscles heal faster. It also enhances your sense of balance and helps your range of motion, preventing injury in the first place.